Cells at Work!! English Dub Premiering April 29 on Funimation!
The English Dub of "Cells at Work!!" featuring the brand-new English dub of the opening theme song "GO! GO! CELL FESTIVAL" is coming to Funimation on April 29,2021! 

Check out the new English Dub trailer here 

Red Blood Cell: Cherami Leigh
White Blood Cell (Neutrophil): Billy Kametz
Killer T Cell/Memory T Cell: Robbie Daymond
Macrophage: Laura Post
Platelet: Xanthe Huynh
Platelet (Backward Cap): Jackie Lastra
Megakaryocyte: Amber Lee Connors
Memory Cell: Dave Vincent
B Cell: Erik Kimerer
Mast Cell: Maureen Price
NK Cell: Morgan Berry
Dendritic Cell: Griffin Burns
Helper T Cell: Ray Chase
Regulatory T Cell: Erica Mendez
Ordinary Cell: Bryce Papenbrook
Lactic Acid Bacterium (Black): Michelle Marie
Lactic Acid Bacterium (Red): Kayli Mills
Lactic Acid Bacterium (Panda): Abby Trott
Lactic Acid Bacterium (Spotted): Xanthe Huynh
Cancer Cell: Khoi Dao
Narrator: Karen Strassman

English Voice Direction: Christian La Monte
English Adaptation: Kris Knigge