Red Blood Cell

Kana Hanazawa

Transports oxygen throughout the body and carbon
dioxide to the lungs through the circulatory system.
Their red color is due to the chemical hemoglobin.

White Blood Cell´╝łNeutrophil´╝ë

Tomoaki Maeno

Destroys foreign substances that enter the body from the outside,
such as bacteria and viruses. Neutrophils make up more than half
of all white blood cells in the blood.

Killer T Cell (Cytotoxic T Cell)

Daisuke Ono

Professional killers who recognize and destroy foreign
substances such as virus-infected cells and cancer cells.
Deployed on the orders of a Helper T Cell.


Kikuko Inoue

Catches and kills foreign substances like bacteria, while determining
antigens and information on immune responses.
They also act as cleaners who remove debris, such as dead cells and bacteria.


Maria Naganawa

Specialized blood cells that assemble wherever a blood vessel
is damaged to block the opening and stop the bleeding.
They are relatively smaller than other cells.